Tuesday, September 2, 2008

a weekend at penn state

wake up at 8.30, watched TV, received a phone call from Rizalman inviting to his place for puding roti..i mean puding roti die sdp gler okay, so of course i said yes :)..owh Dajunye puding roti pun sedap juge ;)..continued watching TV and then egy called offering her football ticket..since i was so comfortable lazying around on the couch, it took me nearly 30 seconds to say yes, i mean helloooo as a penn stater u should say yes the very moment someone offer u a FREE football ticket; x ksh laaa sape yg Nittany Lions go against that day kotttt, heeee.

11.45am: Zack, Budin, Far, Daju, Ada and I walk to the stadium from Park Hill, it wasn't that far and i enjoy walking nowadays thanks to my fitness walking class!:) met up with Mao, Ajmal, Nabil and Fifi..it was a long queue outside the stadium, i've never went to a game before except for the blue and white games so i wasn't aware if it was like that all the time..queuing so long before we could enter the stadium but since it was cloudy, x ksh pun. .because of the long queue, we missed the first quarter and the moment we step on the bench, ttbe je mathari kluar..and it was hot..amat!! but yeah the game was fun since the Nittany Lions were leading all the time, by the end of the third quarter, around 2.30 we decided to go back since we can no longer stand the heat and we were already sure to win against coastal coralina and we did 66 somethg, cant remember, well yg pntg kitorg mng!;D

full stadium, yup, we Penn Staters heart our Nittany Lions

told you so it was hot, people were taking off their clothes everywhere!

the guys were busy cheering and yes we were busy taking pics!;D

thanks Egy for the ticket!

after the game went to McD..i was craving filet o fish and McD sundae! sedap gler bila makan..aaaa. and then went back to college park and lepak umah Zharif , Tinie ngn Wan. blk bilik kjp then siap2 to Rizalman's with Zack, Bart and Apai. He cooked kueh taw for us but i didnt eat that much although smua ckp sdp because i was waiting for the puding roti!heee..and yes sdp gler, sukeee. thanks Rizalman ;)

then after makan2 went to see the guys play soccer since Apai was with us, kick the ball a few times, testing back the skills during Midwest, gladly it was still there :)
went back home again for Maghrib and then after Isyak siap2 pegi main basketball plak kt rec hall. fun!haha..i do find sport fun k ;)

then around 11 blk umah balik, type an email for MASA and then went to the Graduates plk for pizza and games..we played mafia, sakai, and bluff..haha playing this game was never not fun. for the first time ever i back stabbed someone during the game and it was a shocked to everyone, i mean they were really shocked..haha..i need to do what i need to do to let the mafias win! i played bluff for the first time and yes i was a loser at it. first time main byk gler card at hand okayyy..second time main with Apai's guidance, 2nd place out of 7 players! gembiraaa..sbb Hadi was like bising2 i had a lot card mula2..haha..i miss those days when we can just just gather and ketawa without worrying about studies~

and went home at 5.30 and slept at 7! wake up nearly 12 and the next day continue with MASA-PSU'S AGM.

pics are cdt to: Afifi and Zack.


  1. is the pudding roti my recipe? haha..nah jk..

    i'll come to your place for the pics ekk nanti..
    and i look so old..laa..haishhh

  2. haha..maybe recipe yg same.

    mane ade u look old daju, u look ok je and daju kena amek byk pics with us since daju dh senior

  3. HAHA kalau aku pergi tgk football sure dah bising nak balik slps 5 minit di tgh panas :P.

    and that was the 2nd time kot u guys played mafia without me. :(

  4. peeya itu adalah sgt tepat. 5 minutes and for sure u wanna go back!

    okayyyy sape choose to sleep than mkn pizza at graduates that night?haaa.

  5. peyya need to join pasni bila kita party friday night. lama tak tengok peya jadi mafia.