Sunday, September 14, 2008

BF angkat

when i was in INTEC Nad, Zack and I do a lot of ntah-ape-apenye stuff just for fun.i dont know we were young and didn't really care what others have to say about us. and one of the stuff we did was finding each other a bf angkat. cant really remember how that idea came up with but yeah Nad and Zack thinks that Safwan would be a great bf angkt for me and I still remember asking Safwan, 'Safwan, ko nk x jd bf angkat aku x' and he said yes! i know it's so ntah ape2 kan..haha. Well, before that Safwan and I were already close, well we were all close to him. ntah, die suka kaco kitorg, kitorg pun suka kaco die. Nad's bf angkt was Saini and Zack's was Helmi. again i know it's ntah ape2 kan.

but yeah although Nad's and Zack's 'relationship' did not work that well, mine and Safwan's went steady. he still holds the title of Sabrina's bf angkat and i'm his gf angkat after 3 years! no one ever ask if we're going to end up together because it's just obvious were close friends. i have my own relationships and he has his own. who says a guy and a girl can't be close friends? bleh je

we've been through a lot, he tell me stuff, i told him stuff. although he sometimes just listen without giving any advice everytime i told him my problems but he is just a good listener, i know die pun serba salah x tau nk cakap ape kan, but he sure know how to make me laugh with his ntah ape2nye comment about someone or somethg..haha.

owh yes, Safwan has this habit of clinging to girls and sgtlah manja that sometimes u want to shake him and say Safwan..MATANGLAH!!..haha..but that what's make him him and i'm totally ok with it..he has lots of other better qualities to focus on like he cares for me i know, when everyone turn their back on me or when i didn't want my gfs to know about certain stuff, it's to he i can cry to

so i dont care org nk ckp ntah ape2 je bf angkt and gf angkt sbb it is mmg ntah ape2 pun but it's ntah ape2 in a good way in my point of view and that's all that matters kan.


  1. wah...x tahu ponn ade bf angkat...haks haks...

  2. u know!

  3. biena!
    are u making us even (berase terharu) hehe
    anyway thank you very much for this post :)
    membuatkn nk lari ke penstate melawat kamu hehe
    btw nape zack pilih helmi???
    questionable nih

  4. awww so sweet nk berlari dtg sini.hehe.
    dtg ah sini nnt!

    owh tu bkn zack yg plh. nad and i yg plh, like they choose u for me.haaa.mcm tu ah. rindu kan class new york.

  5. hehehhe I TAK INGAT PUN BF ANGKAT I SIAPA!!!! omg sorry lah saini, if you're reading this. ahhaha.