Sunday, September 14, 2008


okay updates! gosh, true it is di kala busy barulah found some time to update..wellllll spnjg minggu ni was hari membuat kuih! jom check out some pics:

berbuka puasa di umah Alot. So we brought apam balik to their place, since dh slalu sgt wt apam balik, there's no pic, heee. next time wat, i think in the nearest time akn wt kot, i'll put up some pics k

beras pulut+air+pewarna hijau, later santan was added and no we didn't kukus the pulut, we just mirowave-d it! it's call lopez perantau *wink*

out from the microwave, kena bentukkan the lopez using plastic wrappers, owh peyya was good at this! yg besar and kurang indah tu org lain yg wt besides peyya *grin*

then guling2kan the lopez dlm kelapa, this was the fun part! knowing that the lopez was done :)

tada! dh siap dh wt it's air gula, this were to be sent to 202+203. u guys are lucky to have us neighbors k! lol.

kuih lapis!
x jadi sgt i know!haha..mmg lembik pun, i guess i pour in every lapis cepat sgt kot or the pengukus just refuse to co-operate with me but the taste was not that bad, so i gave us a B+ for this first attempt!

Wednesday and Thursday, no kuih since I was not in the mood of doing so.

again Lopez and this time berbuka puasa di Graduates- Haleem, Zam, Zul, Fawwaz and Sim's place. Thanks korg, never thought there'll be an invitation dr korg, hehe.

Seri muka for College Park's potluck! Nysa was the main finally ade pun potluck, still remember last Ramadhan usually Dele would ajk2 potluck ni, hurm miss him.

this is just the pulut part. it took nearly two hours kot for the seri muka to be fully cooked after the pandan layer was added on top of it. so by then dh x smpt amek gmbr ah kan, trus je mkn, heee.

owh wait, if u look carefully in this pic, ade kuih seri muka tersebut (on the blue plate)

tepung pelita!
ini pun like kuih lapis, turn out lembik tp sedap (okay, i didnt say so but others did ;))

i keep forgetting i have a blog, so that explain the lack of pics in everything i do. Safwan, i know u only reads blog with pics kan, nnt amek byk2 gmbr k

to housemates: thank u for being amat supportive dlm membuat kuih and memuji kuih juge


  1. owh sedaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapnye kuih!!!!!
    giler berbakat dak2 penn state!!!
    tabik spring ok kat u bina!! :D
    ingat tau pos kat shef skit!

  2. heeee..thank u Sabriza!
    x perlu pos pos kot..dtg sini, i'll the kuih muih for u k!

  3. never thought they would invite???


  4. semalam ade iftar with the pennstaters. so k.oja jumpa sarah then cakap kt dia that i am amazed that u girls kt sana boleh masak kuih malaysia sesuka hati je kt us. then cam "nie mesti pengaruh ko sarah" mmg k.oja kagum pun. pandai betul korang nie. nanti balik malaysia contact k.oja.ajar sket.kthnx.hahahah.

  5. haha..haleem jgn lah sentap!heee.

    awww thanks kak oja!nnt bile kitorg dh blk ntah2 kak oja dh famous!!heee.