Thursday, September 4, 2008


dh 3 hari puasa and alhamdullilah everything is ok.

i have the loveliest housemates, first day of Ramadhan, Peyya and Nysa cook me tom yam since I was craving for it ( i know i crave a lot of food lately, heee). thanks korang.

so here's the first day of Ramadhan menu:
tom yam

sayur goreng by Nysa. owh yes Nysa suka ptg2 and grg2 sayur :)

and since Peyya went to the farmer's market this week, she bought a watermelon, so yeah we had watermelon juice that day :)

owh selamat berpuasa smua.


  1. aww bina sweetnye ade post siap! :)
    you're a lovely roommate too OK, but um, if you accept and love (and maybe sleep with :P) Ebbyt that'll make you extra super duper lovely! ngee :P

  2. biena i am craving for tomyam jugak. ada lagi? hehehe

  3. dh lame hbs kot egy, heee.

    owh buka kt umah Alot, tom yam die sdp!

    peyya..x mahu Ebbyt k

  4. bina! craving la ayam percik! kalo kat msia bln puasa nih mesti bersepah kat bazaar ramadan...hmmm.. nk tom yam gak..

  5. yg ko masak xde ke beana...heeeee

  6. heeee..nope on that day x de. nnt ltk k