Monday, September 15, 2008

a pet turtle

have i told you that this semester i have no class on tuesday and my last class end at 2.15 on other days. so since my housemates classes slalu habis lmbt and Peyya like to study at the library a lot, slau je rase keseorangan di rumah which is not good since i will be wasting my time in front of the tv. yes, i'm a normal person. so i've thought of getting a pet! i love rabbits A LOT but yeah mesti la x boleh jage kt apartment kan. next choice was a hamster tp since a hamster's cage need to be clean everyday i skip that idea. then i was thinking of a turtle, hoping that it would be easy to take care of. then tgk project runway and then one of the contestant's son have a pet turtle! so i was like ok sure i want a pet turtle. a good looking one.

so I did my research online looking for the perfect turtle. and one interesting fact that i found was that my pet may live longer than i do and that i must find someone to past it own later. i told him on the way to the pet shop and he was like "mcm bela hantu je"..hahaha..true.

is not that easy actually to take care of a turtle. it does require a lot of attention. it need a home with certain temperature, it need a place to dig holes if it is a land turtle, a water turtle of course need lot of spaces to swim. they need a place to bask. so that requires a UV-B fluorescent light. food lagi, filter aquarium lagi (if jage water turtle) i wasn't really sure at first but i decided that mybe a tour at a pet shop can help me decide.

so firstly we went to Petco.

i was searching for small turtles yg x de la bsr sgt and i would prefer a land one so that die bleh main2 kt ats carpet nnt.

box-turtle: a land turtle

red-eye slider: a water turtle

I feel sorry for water turtles that likes to swim since i'm not going to get a very big aquarium kot tp he loves them, he loves to see them swim. tp tu laaa adorable je turtle yg berenang2 dlm aquarium tu~

tp kt Petco x byk sgt choices of pets. turtle pun ade two jenis je. common ones. red-eye slider ngn russian turtle. but they were lots of fishes, and hamsters, and mice! comelllll~

then he decided mybe it'll be worth our time to check out another pet shop which i never knew exist la kan. he was being very supportive about me getting a pet, thanks! and yeah i guess things are getting better slowly day by day~

there, byk skit la jenis turtle die tp still x de yg kecik, the size that i want tp this shop unlike petco ade kucing! those cats were for adoption, and they were sort of gloomy, we can see it in their eyes. sdih je, dh lah sgt comel. so main2 kjp ngn kucing. but i'm not a big fan of cats, it's not that i dont like them, suke je tp i prefer to kianat cats. bila cats nk bermanja, malas nk lyn tp bila diorg like sombong mesti force kucing to play.haha..i know. it sounds psychotic kan. but i dont hate cats. it's just that i prefer rabbits than cats. And if Zack dtg sini pun mesti die akn menangis kegembiraan melihat kucing2 yg byk and comel2! Zack nnt kita pg this place k wlaupun kita x kan adopt tp boleh main2 ngn kucing, i know u love cats yg sgt1000x tu kan

although i did not find the right turtle as a pet but today was still fun. i miss my past.

and i'm not sure i want to adopt a water turtle ke x, since tu je currently available kt State Collge, will decide mybe by the end of next week since next week will be a very busy week with exams and lab reports.


  1. biena bela la turtle tu. nanti bole aku memain dgn turtle ko bile aku dtg cp.

  2. get a cat!!!!! heheh. i dah suka cats! boleh gang ngan zack!

  3. i want to!
    but i cant la Nad, duduk apartment kan.

    will see Egy, takut plk nk jage pet,heee.

  4. eyt biena!
    noe wat?aku bela turtle ms kt intec!
    n b4 fly,lpaskan dorg kt tasik shah alam..huhuhu..ade 4 ekor.
    present buffday from my housemates!

  5. nonie!
    nk bday present turtle jgk boleh?
    siap ngn habitat die smua.

    nonie jage turtle jnis ape?

  6. nak a pet turtle ah kat shef ni pas tgk pics diorg ni!