Tuesday, September 2, 2008


that's the current number of Malaysians here in Penn State. We received 83 new students, some are freshmen some are sophomores, i know that's a whole lot, Vandy pun one batch x rmai mcm ni kan. so meet them on Sunday at MASA-PSU's AGM, i didn't really get the chance to know them since i wasn't really friendly myself. and yes i let go of my post as MASA's secretary 07-08 during the meeting, sad it was but i do believe Yaya can do a better job than i did. Overall, I'm quite satisfied being with 07-08 committee; we did had a glorious year, please refer to Afifi's blog for full stories, heee. we could not have done it without the help of all the members too. thank u to all and all the best to the new MASA-PSU 08-09 committee!

MASA-PSU's committee 07-08.

and owh we took our salam perantauan pic too at Old Main, here there are:
124 of us
zoom 1
zoom 2
zoom 3

may we all bond together and may no drama will be seen!

pics are cdt to: Bart!

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