Wednesday, August 27, 2008

fitness assesment

so today at 10.00 I went to White Building for the fitness assessment; required for my fitness walking class.

Overall, i'm healthy and normal but i'm not fit.

my heart rate, blood pressure and body fat was all okay but when it comes to the sit up and push ups..ouch, not good

1 minute sit up: 15
average for females: 38.38! half pun x smpai..ok i did 15 in 30 seconds, and then i stop because my stomach cant stand it dah, i mean i can make a few more but i didn't really want to go on.

1 minute push up test: 5
average for females: 15-20. never was i good with push ups kot.

Leg dynamometry: 47 kg
average females: 62-79 kg. it was the first time i did this test so mcm blank2 skit gune dienye instrument, so cant really comment on this, heee.

azam baru: push up and sit up everyday!
so esok ade 1 mile walking test. we'll see how it goes.

and masih tertekan dgn ANGEL and eLion yg x boleh diaccess dr lap top ni.

and i've been craving for maggi kari ngn telur since the first day i reach mls nk wt, adeih.


  1. bina apelagi jom laa beli threadmill!!!

  2. heeee..marilah! ptg ni okay