Tuesday, August 26, 2008

hari pertama

today didnt start very well..since x boleh bukak ANGEL and eLion..which is sgt stressful ah kan since all the coursework, add and drop class kt those website..and i didn't have a chance to breakfast properly jugak because i was so lazy to get out of bed wlaupun dh bgn awal..so i was quite late pg tad..so i just ate sekeping roti kosong on the way out.

I dont know how i was confuse between White Building and Rec Hall, i perfectly knew i had my Fitness Walking class kt Rec Hall because i told my housemates and all tp i dont why i took the Blue Loop and went to White Building pagi tad..haha..i know it sound so ridiculous kan! but yeah that what happen this morning..so like a few meters before smpai White Building, mcm berhenti skjp and berfikir..omg, white building is so not rec hall..haha...so yeah pth blk ah kan pg rec hall..blum start class lg dh kena walking2 sana sini..ish~

the class was ok, the coach was very goofy and motivating, i lykeee.

next ECON 304, surprisingly i enjoyed the first day of class, like really enjoyed it! maybe because i already learn some of the stuff and rase mcm gembira je as a science major boleh faham and connect to the US economy with just a brief explanation..haha..i know lousy je kan, heee.

BMB 211, i think i will have problem with this class because i'm so not into learning the structure of biopolymers.

and the most interesting first day of class is MIRCB 410 - Immunology! cool instructor, fascinating stuff, i lykeee. like seriously it was like the only class ever i have been in where all the student x bsg2 nk blk when the class supposedly to end. I dont how it is kt Mlysia but those yg blajr kt US would understand, here if it's suppose to end at 1.00 then at 1.00 lah all the student akan bgn and leave the class wlaupun the instructor is still teaching. but in 410 it wasn't like that, class end at 2.15 tp at 2.15 x dgr pun ape2 bunyi.. i think rmai was like terpegun with the young instructor's coolness in teaching..and we end the class like 5 minutes late.

and the first lecture of BMB 342 made me excited do go to lab this Wednesday!

everything gets better by the end of the day and wlaupun i just ate sekeping roti kosong sepanjang hari, x lapar pun till class end at 4.25! amazing.

overall i think this semester will be a little bit hard, everything is in more details, exams are comprehensive..but the semangat utk bljr is very high right now!heee..hopefully it will last to the end of semester ah kan

hey have a great semester k everyone!

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