Sunday, August 17, 2008

high school friends

And today i’ve met a few friends from high school.

Izzarief yg wajib jumpe itu kalo tak die bising2 and ungkit2 inciden die nk dtg umah and the incident i didn’t told him i was in Shah Alam tu..well Izzarief ni mmg mengadaaaa..haha..still thanks for the present and for paying the makan too!:)

Shafiq, i haven’t met him since we took our spm result..i thought he would come with a t-shirt yg gns2 skit tu because he was a skater but boy i was wrong..he came with a shirt and look stunningly cute! well name pun jambu mase kt mktb kan :p

And shue..dh mkn tembam!heee..but still she was still warm like when we were in high school:) thanks shue for the present!

Big Apple, Acab's treat! thank u..ok dh comot by the end of the day.

Then they were Acab, Azri wich i’ve met last year and there was Rizal too..haha..Rizal ko mmg hebat ok kipas2 org x thn..hehe.

Bina, Acab, Shafiq and Izzarief

with Rizal and Azri

Overall, I had a great time, amat! thank u guys.Jgn lupe our plan next year ok. Itu pun kalo aku blk!



  1. haha.. i'm first!
    well, i'm not as cute as described by bina..
    haha.. highly and stunnigly being flattered! segan2.. huhu..

  2. haha..bgs Shafq ni..kalo puj2 Izzarief past die iyakan je!

  3. sgt rindu mase itu,huhu..
    can't wait for next year,cpt blk bina! hehe..