Monday, August 18, 2008

Last weekend di tanah air

So my last weekend here was spent with family and friends.

Pagi sabtu went to the pasar to buy all the rempah ratus which is like sgt byk la kan sbb the whole bill was rm200+..haha..this time blk x spttnye byk since Peyya and Nysa are coming home too..i’m not sure myself what have i grab kt dlm kdai tu, heee.

Then ptg, went to Papayee’s house for majlis doa selamat for the August babies in the family..yeah rmai are born in August sis Diana was born 8.8. So it was like the last time i met everyone the aunties, cousins and uncles..before another two years mybe. The little ones pasti dah besar by then..and mybe there will be more cousins and ank sedara!:)

Spending time with the couz have never not been fun but since Nana, my sis, was not there, it felt different..and i cried sjkp when Siti arrived because she was like the closest one to Nana, i miss her a lot.


the little ones


kazen mazens
Cubaan mengcover Siti..hihi..x de la gmuk sgt pun, mengade jeee:p

so will i be home again next year? most probably~

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