Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Okayyy i think i’m starting to feel the stress of being my father’s daughter since it's already the final week of my pratical where i have a presentation and a report to finish. It’s just unfair to compare me and my dad in every single thing i do. As i was doing the biostatics analysis with my data of course la x mhr sgt kan with the program, i used Minitab kottt not SAS, so mesti la blank2kan..and then she said ‘Cmne x tau ANOVA tu ape..ayah kamu kt Biology kan dah biase ngn ni smua’..dlm hati i was like..that’s my daddddd puan not me. And then she explain ANOVA tu ape which i x fhm sgt pun..but i finally understand what ANOVA is after googling it myself, which is actually the analysis of variance and i have not learn it in Stat 250, so pastilah x tau kan..ok i’m not blaming her la kan..but still commenting me involving my dad is just menyedihkan. Yes, i am sensitive. But mase mula2 start training i was more sensitive tp lame-lame kerja mcm dh lali kot menghadapi berbagai-bagai kerenah orang.

And since mase tu tertekan kan menerima comment tersebut..My co-supervisor asked me while i was looking over the SAS program, do i like working here..and then dgn selambanye i answered with my eyes still fix at the computer..’no, i don’t think so i like it here’(that what happen when i’m streesed out at work, i tend to speak in English because speaking in BM mcm lemah lembut kan), dah ah ade bebrape pegawai lain juge dlm blk tu and obviously they know my father..n dah ah ckp dgn nada yg sgt pasti plk tu kan..but i didn’t really mean it..what i really mean is ‘no i don’t think so i like working here when everyone is expecting me to be as good as my dad.’ Because i just cant ok.


Okay skg sgt stressed out about presentation on Wednesday. Tolonglah no more comments involving my dad. x pun Sabrina just stop being so sensitive.

I need my happy song and a bar of chocolate too.


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  1. urrrmmm urrrmmm urrrmmmm....
    sshkn nk puaskan hati org?
    takut our performance is not up to their expectation?
    xpe2.wuteva coming pn, i know u can do it...a survivor, u must be!