Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sihat sebelum sakit, hidup sebelum mati

By the end of the appointment, after explaining about the medication and diet that I have to take, the owh-you-make-me-want to-smile doctor (seriously doctor ni sangat menarik perwatakan dia :)) said - my specialist from now on I guess,

"Yang paling penting Sabrina, saya tak nak awak takut untuk mencuba sesuatu becuase you'll afraid you'll loose your balance, jangan takut mencuba sesuatu, live life as usual, dont be afraid to drive, dont be afraid to do anything, jangan mengambil sikap avoidance, the more you push yourself, the faster the body will adapt"

I'm trying but sometimes it not that easy :(  but I keep reminding myself  that what I'm going through may not be as painful as what are others going through.

Next appointment in 2 weeks time.

Lesson learn: Life can change in a split second. Ingatlah 5 perkara sebelum 5 perkara.


  1. Binaa what happened? You ok? Get well soon n take care

  2. bina!!i love you!remember that we ALL love you!i'll pray for your health and recovery, insyaallah. *bear hug*

  3. be tough bina... still wondering bina sakit ape. but don want to push u to tell us. just let us know when u're ready k.

    but then i hope it's not something serious. i know u're a strong woman! go bina go! insyaAllah just ikut cakap doktor n u'll be fine. nothing is impossible. and remember u have our support. =D

  4. Everyone thank you for the concern! I love each and everyone of you. I think the medications have finally kick in, feeling better already! Full speed recovery ahead!