Thursday, October 9, 2008

busy and busier

I dont think I need a pet dah. Life is getting busier each day.

I want pancakes and maple syrup.


  1. jom2 waffle shop..hehheh..
    sukela gmbr ngn JJ..comeyl~

  2. HAHA terus taknak pet eh.
    JJ pun asik terabai je selame ni :D

  3. asal xnk pet...baru nak tgk how long can u take care binatang peliharaan..hahahaha..:P

  4. izzariefffff!
    haha..ade ke :p

    Daju kita purposely ltk gmbr JJ sbb Daju ade mntkkan the other day nk tgk gmbr ngn JJ

    Peyya..awww, at least JJ x kulat

  5. kesian jj tu terabai
    Kene amik balik lah camni :p

  6. mane adeee JJ terabai, pnuh ksh syg je.jgn dgr ckp Peyya Safwan!

  7. Bina!! Hehehe... Found yours from Sha's blog. Anyway, pet?? Are you even allowed to have one? I sooo wanted to get a cat but my landlord made it preeeetty clear to me that there'd be no place for animals in his house X( But my housemate is keeping a snake as a pet though *I know, can you believe it???!!!* He said that its easier to hide if they come and check the house.

    Heard that you're coming this holiday?? Is it true?? Looking forward to meeting you! *Even though we hardly ever talk at INTEC ;p*

  8. Amin!

    hey, thanks for droping by!!
    i can have a pet, but i'm not allowed to have a cat though. O.M.G cat kt sini mcm endangered species ok, nk jage kena ade license and all. if you read my previous post i was thinking of having a pet turtle :)

    and what a snake DLM umah??creepy~

    and yes I'm coming, dh beli tiket dh!!awww, looking forward to meet u too Amin :)