Wednesday, October 8, 2008

malam raya 2008

i dont know maybe after spending 2 years here, i sort of miss home more lately..and this year malam raya was the most x macam malam raya for me.

firstly, i had a long day studying for my econ exam the next day, then prepare for takbir raya event which i leave early to go to work at 11, tak tangkap2 gmbr pun :(.

secondly, that night was the first time I had to stalk stocks on the shelves at work. I cant find all the stuff once, so I was going up and down from the store to the basement to get stuff byk kali, then kena close the store, so more additional work.

thirdly, yeah having a pengurus pelajar yg hanya memberi arahan,not helping.

and fourth i miss home and my parents havent call yet by then, it was already nearly 2 ptg hari raya pertama di Mlysia!:( they always called during pagi raya~

so after making sure smua barang on the shelves were organize, the trash was thrown out, i went down to the locker room to get my stuff and just wanted to get home asap so that dh x perlu berkongsi satu ruang ngn sesorang yg x bercakap. But when i went back up to the store, there he was waiting in front of Sisu and i was like "U wat pe kt sini?",shocked.."U tau x hujan kt luar?", he asked, smiling his normal senyum x nmpk gigi with his pj and cap on, which made me smile back..of course i didn't know, the store was inside a building and suddenly i felt cared for, thank u :)

so yeah malam raya wasn't that bad by the end of the day, Ijan called and i talked to Nad too. Safwan called also. Yes, my Illinois peeps mmg boleh diharap

Called Sabriza and Izzarief tapi due2 pun busy! was catching the train and the other one was driving..sorry!

and my dad of course called the next day saying that he purposely x nk kaco i study and kerja..he hardly forgets anythg i told him and yes i know my dad slalu takes things seriously but papa kaco je la k, kate hari raya
but yeah i love him so much and i miss him dearly since my summer were mainly spent with him. i miss the whole family and for the first time in three years, i cried over the phone, maybe I waited for the phone call too long.

so here, i would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone,

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin.

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