Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Raya 2008

I'll skip how dull my fist day of raya was and straight away go to the happy first weekend of Syawal, let the pictures speak themselves! :)

MASA-PSU is not holding any official gathering this year since were like 124 orang kan and decided it would be much better if the members were grouped geographically and held our own open house to be attend by others. Sooooo...

Friday Night: West Side Open House, College Parks and The Graduates.

Freshmen & Baju Raya

Collage Park's Hallway

and they refuse to go home and cook, haha..hey thanks for coming k

JJ :)

thanks to those that come despite informing it quite late kan :)

Saturday Afternoon: Central Open House, Allen Park- homes of 39 ACTP students. The foods were abundant! siap bolah tapau lagi and warm companies the host were, thank u :)

owh this pic is from Haleem's new camera yg baru smpai pg that day! and thanks to that camera byk amat amek gmbr, terima kasih Haleem!


di mana camera di situlah kami

Penn State 20- Purdue 6, yeay!

this weekend: East Side Open House!

pics are credited to: Gokun, Bart, Haleem and many others. Thank you :)


  1. tak aci!!! raye celebration at ur place seems better than mine!! *sigh* hahaha

  2. haha..I guess so raya this year wasn't bad,well it wasn't bad at all except for missing home