Saturday, February 5, 2011

Just saying

Stealing or trying to make someone else bf fall for you consciously (dengan niat that is) is like being an ISO certified bitchlah. Mengoda bf orang sehingga dia tergoda, you're definitely the one at fault not less but just as much as the bf or even more to be blame at. To blame the man pun, he can never really fully understand how hurt a women can feel, but you know exactly how it will feel, dont you? Yeah what a bitch you are. Dan rakan-rakan yang menyokong usaha tersebut pun tergolong dalam golongan yang sama. It doesn't matter whatever reason you give to make that act of yours not sinful sesama wanita, but the truth is you can never do anything more hurtful than that to another women. If you dont mind being label that then fine. Just remember what goes around, comes around. You may get the man but you may lose something more valuable than him in the end.

Whatever it is, based on true stories or not this post is, we cant really just judge a person by a single event. I use to screw up life of those who screwed mine or of my close friends; I used to be a dramaqueen, a great one that is. But slowly I changed, realizing that I gain nothing from that except hurting my feelings even more and turning myself into a dreadful person. I learned to forgive people and forgive myself too and just enjoy life with those who really care about me; letting those who hate me for what ever reason that is to slowly fade away from my thoughts and eventually my life. With that said, to all who might have met the kind of bitch as stated above, just let that girl be, if you think your man is worth fighting for than fight in a charming way to win his heart back, dont let yourself be a bitch too, you might be satisfied in the short run, but in the long run, you will only hurt yourself even more.

The phrase, love is blind, is just so lame.Yeah, I wont encourage a friend to try someone else bf by saying 'it is better to try and being rejected than not to try and continue wondering about it', will definitely say 'Dont be a bitch babe, cause Karma is a bitch too you know'. Karma is a bitch.


  1. Thank you all! I cant bear to see another friend cry because of those type of perempuan anymore.

  2. Very well said Bina.
    Apparently the 'good' guys are on the verge of extinction, so women are being more aggressive these days to get the man of her dreams, taken or not. Hence, bitches are everywhere. You know what's worse? Sluts are everywhere too - they steal people's husbands lol. What a sad world we're living in lol.