Thursday, January 6, 2011

100th post!

Wow, reading back my previous post, I can't believe that I actually let my relationship define me.  Thank you Peyya and Kak Oja and Far also on the comment. Far I miss you! hehe. But yeah, the fact that I couldn't get in touch with Apai at the time I got the job offer, pretty much made me unsure of myself. But the next day, Apai called from somewhere I'm not sure myself where, and I was a little bit relieved. But I promised myself that I would not let my relationship define me ever again.

Soooo, this is actually a delayed post. I wanted to tell everyone that I was actually excited to start to my new job :D Everything was made easy for me, to Him I am thankful. When I took my JPJ test for my P, there was around 100 people being tested that day and I was the first one! haaaa. Cuak tak cuak. But I guess becuase I actually already passed my P 5 years ago, I was not actually that nervous. And Pegawai JPJ yang test pun walaupun kerek tapi baikkkk :) So I got my P, I bought a car with half the down payment using my own saving.

And now here I am in Senawang! 4 hari sudah bekerja. Staying with Pak Lang and Mak Lang, treated like a princess everyday, anak tunggal 5 hari seminggu :D I promised myself that I would not make my job responsibilities, work problems, or anything job-related public, just to be professional. Nanti kalo kita jumpa-jumpa kita story eh :)

I miss home but I'm surviving, hehe. I miss those I met at BeST Proogramme. Those people I met there are just so special, never have I easily clicked with those I just met. Since I got back here in Malaysia, I met really wonderful people, from my driving school up to the BeST Programme and now also at the work place. I've never felt so blessed to be surrounded with people that make me happy to be where I am to be. Maybe becuase I changed too I guess. I'll cherished my momeries at BeST, short but definitely sweet. All the best to all the participants, I'm quite sure everyone will be somebody big one day, they have that 'it' thing that some bright people may lack.
Zack & Nadiah
5/8 of Pecah Mental Group. Everyone should meet Nazreen! He is super hilarious I tell you
The guys! My morning people.
Audi, Ezwan and Ija

BeST Programme actually open up my view on this field of Biotechnology. I dont know how to express it in words, there is just this feeling of positiveness in Biotechnology. This programme has actually  inspired me to actually start up my own company one day. Inspired jelah, hehe, akan wat betul2 ke tak, we'll see what the future has to hold :)

My only real dream in life was to fly oversea, now that is achieved, I need a new dream to be focus on. Maybe kerjalah dulu 2 tahun or I might take up an assitantship offer by a local U to pursue my Ph.D and then plan my business strategy. While still waiting for project abstracts from the university, I want to focus on my work right now. Excited to pin up related info on the company's research on my cubicle dashboard! Barulah macam Researcher berwawasan ;)


  1. Miss ya Biena :) E skrg kerja kat lab Mark :)) Goodluck n tahniah dapat kerja

  2. Biena, it's good to hear that you're happy there. Be positive and you'll see things differently, betul x? hehehe...
    Btw, good luck and happy working :)

  3. finally boleh jugak komen when intenet laju. ehhe.

    miss u toooooo binaaaa. hows work?