Saturday, February 16, 2013

Apam balik

Once when I was young, well not that young, standard 5 maybe, saya merajuk dan tak nak buka puasa, cause my dad forget to buy me apam balik from the bazar ramadhan. I’m not sure how the merajuk went or if I cried or not, all I remembered was that I felt really sad and disappointed, it might have been the only single time that dad had disappointed me in terms of getting me stuff. That event had affected dad so much, that even after 15 years, every Friday he never fails to bring home apam balik from the pasar malam. Every single Friday, each Friday.  Mom wouldn’t even bother to call anybody to the dining table for the apam balik, except for me. She would either call out from the living room or knock on my door ‘Bina, papa beli apam balik, panas lagi..’

Have had lots of sedu sedan moments lately.

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