Friday, January 29, 2010


Yes! Nak amek gambar banyak-banyak nanti, senior year to-do list :)

Looking forward to take pictures in my graduation gown at the Lion Shrine!Of course with the whole batch of Class 2010. How we evolved and matured in our own ways, despite the ups and down we may have faced,I heart them dearly, the girlfriends.

Freshmen Year 2006: Saling kenal-mengenali

Sophomore Year 2007: Year of the Drama Queens

Junior Year 2008: Rekindled, happily ever after
Senior year 2009 (incomplete, as some were celebrating raya in D.C, some in SC )

The incomplete last picture shows that after 4 years, everyone already has different priorities but that doesn't mean we're growing apart, we're just becoming more of an individual than a group, which is good I think. And now we are all expecting something special this July *a big fat grin*, something or should I say someone very special *a big fat grin again*, pasti ikatan menjadi lebih rapat :)

Where are the boys? Another different story :)

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  1. boys will be boys..
    eh I shouldn't be the one saying that kan? haiyah..