Sunday, March 11, 2012

LDR Confession

Long distance relationship is really not that hard to get through. All I have to do is remind myself that I may love him but he has no obligation what so ever to make me not feel the distance, I cant expect too much from him as he cant expect too much of me either. So if I do feel like Apai is not doing much while he is away, I will just say 'owh well', stop thinking about it and just let the relationship flow as it wants to. Too many example of colleagues and families that are doing long distance marriage, too many that I feel embarrassed/ashamed to constantly saying out loud I miss a man that is just a boyfriend, while others are very excepting that they need to be apart from their husband for various reasons, inspiring. Sometimes I do question myself as to why do we need to be in a relationship when we would be absolutely okay with just being friends and then get married if we wanted to.

Being the youngest in the group, I learn a lot from my colleagues that have went through my age and dilemma. I see life a little bit different, reality scares me even more now, but in a good way ;)


  1. I would have reblog this if you put it in the tumblr. Anyway. good luck Biena on your relationship. :)

  2. You would?!:D
    Dont wish me luck babe, pray for me! hehe.