Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Once in a blue moon

I have Apai for a month onshore, yeay! And it's during the wedding time plak tu, so yeah no more kesedihan-sedihan di hujung minggu. Hujung minggu jelah, hari minggu macam kurang masa skit untuk rasa rindu.

Anyways, remember what Abraham Lincoln said in the previous post? Well yeah, I learn to not judge people too quickly. From now on, tak nak jadi too much of a drama queen dah ah and unprofessionally post things on the blog plak tu. It's easy to blame others but not yourself no? Aku macam bersyukur aku sedar akan hakikat tersebut, ade orang yang tak sedar-sedar.

During the weekend, I met someone and somehow that someone with just one sentence convince me to no longer have doubts on the path that I already have chosen and started. I miss the time we spent together discussing his crazy philosophy of life. I need to be self-motivated, waiting for this one sentence booster from someone else is tiringlah.

Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat. -F. Scott Fitzgerald

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