Friday, December 3, 2010

Short updates

Yo, this blog is starting to be fill with teenagers, thanks to my sisters yang blog hoping to this blog and left my blog URL on their stats.

Today, he will be leaving Bintulu for 2 weeks, sedih extra skit this time, not sure why.

Waiting for two interview results by 16 Dec.

BeST Programme is very rewarding, learn and will be learning very valuable stuffs. Siap bagi GMP cert lagi.

Eh I will be updating about job hunt soon k Nysa (I know you will reading this :)) but not this weekend, this weekend I will need to be in Terengganu for a family gathering.


  1. Yes reading it! hee =D tried several times last weekend but couldnt able to read it..dont know why..

    p/s: i'll be waiting for more updates!
    lg2 kalo news pns2 pisang goreng ;)